The User's app allows an administrator to create, delete and modify users on the system. Other apps that plugin directly to the user directory will automatically display options available to a user account.

Left-hand Navigation Panel > System Configuration > Account Roles > Users

The User Manager section allows the administrator to create, view and manage the user accounts. The administrator can also create a dedicated password and assign it to a User. All the user accounts can be configured to be an OpenVPN User, Security Certificates User, or a Web Proxy User. Lastly and most importantly the user can be assigned to one or more groups.

Note: The Crystal Eye System creates a default admin user account which is automatically assigned to the default groups or a newly created group.

How to Create a User Account?

Step 1: In the User Page, click the Add button under the User Manager section. Step 2: You will now see the User page. Enter the User Name, First Name and the Last Name in the textbox. Step 3: Enter the desired Password for the newly created user and Verify it by entering again into the textbox below. Step 4: Enable or Disable VPN User, Security Certificates User and Web Proxy User as per requirements.

Note: The administrator can assign a newly created or an existing user to have access to VPN, Security Certificates and Web Proxy.

Step 5: Select the Groups you want the user to be a part of.