The Network Control section of the interface groups together all the configuration for the core networking features, but excluding networking features (such as Firewall features) that are focussed on security.

Crystal Eye’s Network Control Features

Certificate Management Crystal Eye uses certificates to provide encrypted communication, while still enabling monitoring of traffic for malware. You can use this control to confgure those certificates.

Device Management Crystal Eye can keep track of every device that is seen on your network, and manage policies on a per device, or group of devices, basis. This section contains the Network Mapping controls.

Email Scanning GatewayThis configures basic mail server Mail Transfer Agent and SMTP server functions for using Crystal Eye as a gateway between a mail server and external networks. It only configures basic mail server settings, not the scanning features (they are in the Security Controls section).

InfrastructureThis section groups standard basic network settings that are used for basic router functions, such as configuring physical and virtual interfaces, DHCP serving, basic DNS serving, and the SSH server used for support functions. The enhanced security features of DNS (such as the DNS filtering) are in the Security Controls section.

Network Diagnostic Tool Some standard network diagnostic tools, such as ping and traceroute, are provided to help diagnose basic networking connectivity problems.

Quality of Service (QoS) the routing capabilities of the Crystal Eye device can be configured to prioritise particular traffic, usually traffic that is sensitive to latency, such as real time communication.

Routing this section groups together several controls for routing, configuring TCP/IP traffic between the internal and external interfaces. It includes controls for using multiple WAN interfaces, for using multiple external IP addresses, and for forwarding external port numbers to internal address and port numbers.

SD-WAN the Software Defined Wide Area Networking features grouped here includes IPSEC and TLS based OpenVPN standard based VPN networking features.

Web Access Control these controls can block web access to from internal users at certain times.

Web Proxy Server Crystal Eye provides a web proxy server, and basic operation can be configured here. The Web Proxy Server is also used by Security Control features such as the Content Filter.

WiFi Access Point some Crystal Eye models can optionally include WiFi Access Point hardware, and for those models this is used to configure network settings such as SSID and network authentication.