Account Manager

The Accounts Manager category has the Accounts application and the Directory Server application as its subcategories. The Accounts application provides information about users and groups in the Crystal Eye Network. The Accounts application also provides well-configured controls for an administrator to allow access to users and groups to access three default plugins such Security Certificates, VPN and Web Proxy.

Note: After processing the First Boot Configuration certain apps must be installed manually from the marketplace. To have access to the Security Certificates Plugin and VPN Plugin the Certificate Manager app and the VPN app must be installed. However, the Web Proxy Plugin will be available by default.

The Directory Server application is designed to cater to the requirements of having a centralized and well-distributed data repository. The application is based on Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) which is widely used throughout the industry. The application portrays excellent levels of scalability allowing administrators to store data in an LDAP based Crystal Eye directory. Specialised policies can be assigned if there is a requirement to connect external applications to the CE directory. The Directory Server application provides multiple access methods allowing anonymous or credential-based user access.