System Configuration

Crystal Eye’s System Configuration section has a number of applications under it which can be used to fine tune the CE appliance to cater to customized requirements. These configurations help CE administrators to manage accounts and account roles, create a backup of the crystal eye appliance configurations, set the date and time, pursue mail settings, initiate software updates, view system registration details, and initiate factory reset.

System Configuration of Your Crystal Eye Appliance

Creating and Assigning a Security Certificate User, VPN User and Web Proxy User: The users created in CE can be assigned various account roles such as certificate user, VPN user and web proxy user. The CE administrator must provide specific authorization to align these plugins with a user account. Read more here

Sync the users from the Active Directory Server to the Crystal Eye appliance: A CE administrator has the leverage to create all users in the active directory server and then sync it directly to the crystal eye appliance. Know more about this procedure here

Creating backup of the various configurations of Crystal Eye: One of the most important features of Crystal Eye is that it allows CE administrators to create backups of the appliance configurations and then restore them. Know more about baremetal backup and configuration backup

Map large data shares to storage volumes: The CE administrator can know the amount of data stored in the system storage and map it with the source from where the data is being accumulated. Learn more

Date and Time Settings: The date and time displayed in the Crystal Eye appliance is vital as a lot of pre-scheduling of services, network security reports and the logs timestamp are dependent on it. Know more on how to edit date and time

Shutdown and Restart the Crystal Eye appliance

High Availability (Active Passive Mode): This feature of Crystal Eye provides redundancy. Setting up a CE failover system involves having two CE appliances interlinked physically. One of these CE’s is set as a master CE and the other one as a backup CE. In case of failover, the master CE goes down and the backup CE stays online ensuring business continuity. Know more about how to setup High Availability on CE

Mail Settings: The CE administrator can use default SMTP settings or can add customised SMTP settings. Read more

Initiating Software Updates: The Crystal Eye appliance facilitates software updates which involves updating the CE software in its current version. The CE also has software upgrade feature which ensures that the new version of CE is installed whenever available. Learn more about software upgrade and system software updates

Viewing System Registration Details: Know the status of registration, account, system name, external hostname/IP, host key and the SIEM connection status. Learn more