Anti-malware File Scanner

The primary functionality of Anti-malware File Scanner application is to scan various directories of Crystal Eye for malwares. The infected files are quarantined and can be seen in the Quarantine Section. The flagged files which are quarantined can be granted access to the system using the whitelisting functionality.

Left-hand Navigation Panel > Security Configuration > Gateway Security > Anti-Malware File Scanner

All Crystal Eye appliances have an excellent malware scanning feature that can be initiated at a click of a button. The malware scan is programmed to sweep some key directories of CE namely, Home directory, Network File Share directory, Web Proxy Cache directory, FTP directory, Web directory, and E-mail directory. A default time can be scheduled for the scan to initiate or if there is a requirement, the scan can be done instantly.

Note: The CE administrator can only select those directories for malware scan which have data in it.

How to Scan the Crystal Eye Appliance for Malwares?

Step 1: In the Anti-malware File Scanner page, click the Start button in the Scanner section.

The files that are deemed malicious and are quarantined post malware scanning can be whitelisted if it’s a ‘false positive’.

How to Whitelist the Files that have been Quarantined Post Scanning?

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