How Crystal Eye Detects and Reports Details Regarding QUIC Protocol?

QUIC protocol is an experimental transport layer network protocol developed by Google to resolve issues revolving around transport latency and reduced connect. QUIC utilizes port 80 and port 443 and is known to bypass proxy which might affect the performance of Crystal Eye's content filter while things are being accessed through Google Chorme browser.

The Crystal Eye has advanced capabilities that not only detects QUIC protocol but also records its usage to the extent that it provides traffic size details regarding the CE users who use this protocol.

The Protocol & application detail report shows QUIC protocol in its Top Protocol graph if it makes it to the Top 10 protocols in terms of its usage.

Let’s dig in deeper to find out where exactly are the details regarding QUIC Protocol usage recorded in Crystal Eye.

Step 1: Go to Reports > Protocol & Application Detail Report

Step 2: If QUIC protocol is extensively used in the Crystal Eye network it will show up in the Top Protocols Graph in the Protocol & Application Detail Report. Click the Full Report button on the top-corner of the section.

Step 3: Scroll down and look for QUIC protocol in the tabular report. Click its Protocol ID next to QUIC.

Note: Here in this table you will also see the total Traffic Size credited to the usage of the QUIC Protocol in the Crystal Eye network.

Step 4: You will now see the Traffic Usage Graph which provides user based insights highlighting the traffic size tagged to each user with respect to QUIC Protocol.

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